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Bendigo National Swap Meet

In 1975 the annual Swap meeting which had been run at Gisborne the previous year and prior to that, 2 years in Melbourne, was moved to Bendigo and by agreement the management was handed over to the Veteran Vintage & Classic Club Bendigo.

The Federation remains the owners of the Swap and is proud of the growth that this event has seen since its inception.

Future Swap Dates

2023 - 12th to 13th November   

2024 - 16th to 17th November  

2025 - 15th to 16th November 

2026 - 14th to 15th November

2027 - 13th to 14th November

2028 - 11th to 12th November

2029 - 17th to 18th November

2030 - 16th to 17th November 

2031 - 15th to 16th November

Federation Tours

Federation runs both a Golden Oldies tour and an Open tour.  These tours are  held on alternate years and are a great way of meeting like minded Car Enthusiasts from different clubs whilst enjoying touring and visiting interesting sites and places.

  • Golden Oldies - Open to all Vintage vehicles (1918 - 1930)

  • Open Tour - Open to all Vehicles over 25 years.

Picnic Days

Federation is proud to have commenced Picnic days for Member Clubs of the Federation.

Beginning at Marong, Mortlake and Pakenham and the Australia Day display in the Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne this has now expanded to 5 picnic days across Victoria.

At these events people interested in historic vehicles meet with other enthusiasts to share items of interest in a relaxed atmosphere.

Annual Picnic Days include Baw Baw Picnic, Marong Picnic, Mortlake Picnic, Scoresby Picnic and Wunghnu Picnic.

Member Club Events

Various Tours and Events are held by Member Clubs throughout the year.  These events range from Tours for vehicles of a specific type, Open Tours which are available to any member club's vehicles, as well as Show N Shine Days, Swap Meets and Display Days. 

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