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Meeting Dates

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis with discussion held on various items in relation to the historic vehicle movement by member club delegates.  Delegates are then able to provide their clubs with up to date information, news, future events and answers to specific issues relating to the Historic Vehicle Movement.

6th May 2023 - Veteran, Vintage, Classic Club Bendigo

5th August 2023 (includes AGM) - Hobsons Bay Men's Shed Motoring Group

21st October 2023 - Echuca & District Historic Vehicle Club


Federation welcomes new member clubs providing them with the opportunity to keep up to date on changes affecting the movement and motoring in general.

By becoming a member, clubs are afford the opportunity to send delegates to meetings, voice concerns they may have and obtain solutions to issues pertaining to the movement.  Information is readily shared and is a great way of learning from others and obtaining access to the activities of other clubs.

Costs include a joining fee of $25 and an annual fee of $100.

Member Clubs

Are you looking for a specific Vehicle Club, a Club in your area or just seeking like minded people, then this is great place to search?  Click on the link below for a full listing of Member Clubs.

Grant Guidelines

Federation offers member clubs the opportunity to apply for both Capital Item Grants as well as Trophy Grants. 


  • Capital Grants - Grants of up $750 are available to clubs for the purchase of capital items.

  • Trophy Grants - A trophy is available for clubs to present at events being held by member clubs

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